"Astral Adventure" is an exciting new game that takes you on a thrilling journey through a mysterious facility. You play as a man who has been kidnapped and is facing the prospect of being experimented on. However, you soon discover that your soul can separate from your body, allowing you to navigate the locked doors of the facility.

With each slumber, you venture into the astral realm, able to pass through doors and gather the keys you need to unlock the doors. With each new key, you edge closer to your ultimate goal: finding a way out and reclaiming your freedom. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and evade your captors, or will you be trapped forever in the facility? Find out in "Astral Adventure".

Liluo.io = https://liluo.io/makeplay/astral-adventure


- The Grim Reaper collects souls, so if you are in soul form, avoid the Grim Reaper at all costs.

- Look for rooms with a cross symbol on the door. These rooms offer protection from the Grim Reaper.

- Keep your senses sharp. Listen for heavy breathing, which indicates the presence of the Grim Reaper. The louder the sound, the closer the Grim Reaper is.


Special Thanks to PANDAKO for the WithThreeJS Extension. WithThreeJS Extension for GDevelop by PANDAKO (itch.io)

Most of the assets were created by me, while the rest were downloaded from websites such as opengameart.org, publicdomainvectors.org, freesound.org, and 1001fonts.com. You can refer to the [Assets Link.txt] for all the links.


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Hi, I'm really impressed. Can you tell me more about making this game? I would love use gdev to make a horror 3D. But since is new i would like know more about it


GDevelop is a 2D game engine, so don't expect too much from the 3D side of GDevelop. The 3D in GDevelop is just an extension made by Pandako, which you can download here (WithThreeJS Extension for GDevelop by PANDAKO (itch.io)) and also Pandako provide example project but you need to pay $5 USD get the example project but the extension is free. You can watch this tutorial about 3D in GDevelop here.

3D in Gdevelop! - Tutorial - YouTube

First Person Shooter Camera in Gdevelop! - Tutorial - YouTube

Getting Started with 3D Extension using Behaviors. [For GDevelop] (Extension version 0.7.0) - YouTube

Good luck!

Thank you

You are literally a pioneer in the Gdevelop using the 3D extension. if you think about. That is one of the first 3D games made it with and looks so beautiful.

Props to you and Pandako for developing it.

Thank you so much for sharing such very useful information!


Your always welcome. :D

I'm afraid I just can't get this working! When I move the mouse over the menu options, they grow larger in response. However, no matter where I click I can't seem to start the game. I can bring up the leaderboard, but that's it. I wonder if the buttons are somehow overlapping on my machine, but the same thing happens whether it's fullscreen or embedded on the page on itch or Liluo.

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Please type in your name first before starting the game. I apologize for the inconvenience with the menu, i don't have extra time to make the menu better but i will update that soon after this jam. I hope you enjoy playing my game.

Thanks! I didn't realise you could type into the title screen there - some kind of visible text box would make a massive difference. I've managed to play it now, though, so I'll leave some thoughts on the jam page!


thanks for trying my game.

Wow this is amazing. I love how you incorporated the theme, and had the courage to do something in 3D. You pulled this off wonderfully. Well done!

Thanksss. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Oh wow! Well DONE! Looks amazing! I tried it a little bit but I just can't do wasd to move because I'm too trained to use arrow keys with my left hand for the mouse. It looks like it would be fun you should be proud.

Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you liked the game.

Cool Game. BOOOO (I bet I scared you)

Thanks. Hope you like it. Did you finish it?

I liked that it was 3D liked the atmosphere and so on.. But I just didn't know what to o exactly

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You need to sleep so your soul separates from your body. When your soul leaves your body, you can pass through doors and collect keys, then return to your body so you can open the door. But when you are in soul form, a grim reaper can get you. However, there is a room with a cross on the top of the door. The grim reaper can't follow you there. 

Tips: Keep your senses sharp. Listen for heavy breathing, which indicates the presence of the Grim Reaper.

Good game with a good story, good job, this isn't NSFW, having a little bit of blood is ok.

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Thankss. Did you finish the game?

good graphics and good story